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Intellectual Property

Kizzia Johnson assists its clients in a broad range of intellectual property legal issues. We handle matters relating to patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and other technology-related legal rights. The firm provides services such as patent and trademark prosecution, intellectual property opinions, due diligence, IP asset protection in connection with all forms of business relationships and agreements, IP audits, and IP-related litigation. We take all the steps necessary to educate our clients on intellectual property protection, put the right protection mechanisms in place, and enforce our clients’ rights.

In performing our intellectual property services, we deal with a wide array of technology areas including semiconductors, telecommunications, medical devices, software, gaming devices, oil and gas equipment, and mechanical components, and other products and processes.

When it comes to disputes we know how to use the court systems and alternative dispute resolution to our clients’ advantage. We work with our clients as teammates to develop a strategy to maximize results while keeping litigation fees and expenses in check. We prepare matters to put our clients in the best possible situation to prevail at trial or obtain a favorable settlement, depending on the client’s objectives.

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