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Ex-flight attendant’s lawyers ask for new trial in American Airlines sexual assault case

“Lawyers for a former American Airlines flight attendant requested a new trial Tuesday after a jury found the airline was not responsible for the woman’s sexual assault while on a work trip.

Lawyers for Kimberly Goesling say that a “crucial” change in the instructions given to jurors may have been the reason why jurors did not find American Airlines responsible for the sexual assault. After a three-week trial in Tarrant County, the jury determined on May 11 that celebrity chef Mark Sargeant did assault Goesling, but the airline itself had no responsibility in the attack.

The crux of the case was whether or not American Airlines could be held liable for causing Goesling emotional and physical harm. Jurors were asked a series of questions to determine whether this was the case. By answering yes or no to those questions, the jury came to a verdict in the lawsuit. But the way one of the questions was phrased changed the legal criteria for whether American was responsible or not for the assault, Goesling’s lawyers said.”

For full article: https://amp.star-telegram.com/news/local/fort-worth/article261564907.html



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