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news clip about the care our client received at Parkland Hospital

One of Brad’s cases was featured the front Page of the Dallas Morning News (April 18, 2016) and previously on Channel 11 News.  View the news clip about the care our client received at Parkland Hospital.  On May 17, 2016 Dallas Morning News’ reporter Mitchell Schnurman talks with Dr. Fred Cerise, Chief Executive at Parkland who admits that doctors “get scared about what happens if we say we messed up”, but never answers the question about informing patients of errors identified despite the fact that ‘Parkland is midway through a five-year oversight agreement with the federal government’ to identify and correct failures at Parkland that ‘federal regulators warned… posed “an immediate and serious threat to patient health and safety.”
We ask – shouldn’t Parkland try to be above reproach and follow all standards of care, including fixing any and all problems that are identified in their past treatment of their patients?

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