We’ve heard horror stories about care in V.A. Hospitals for years.  We are told that new management corrected the problems of the past, especially here in Dallas.  Veterans are receiving quality health care.  Officials tell us that wait times are lower, care is scheduled timely and our veterans are now in good hands.  Well, don’t believe everything your hear!

Our firm represents families of veterans who have received inadequate, sloppy or even harmful care at Dallas V.A. Hospitals.  The families reach out to us regularly – seeking justice against the V.A..  They want the problem fixed.  They don’t want more veterans to suffer – not like their family member did.

Fox 4 recently published a story that completely refutes all we’ve heard in the last few years.  In fact, according to the story care in the Dallas V.A. Hospitals are worse than before and the health of our vets is in jeopardy.  Read the whistle-blower story..

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