Kizzia Johnson PLLC is a law firm that feels very strongly about equal rights and civil rights issues. Brad Kizzia steps up to help those who have been treated wrongly – whether it be due to ‘inadequate standard of care’ or ‘lack of due process’. Channel 8 contacted us recently and asked to do a story about one of  Equal Rights for All

our recently filed cases. This individual was not only erroneously told they were HIV positive, but despite being informed of their error, the information has been falsely reported to all donor registries – meaning he can no longer donate blood, white blood cells or donate any organs. And worst of all – they refuse to fix their error.

Our client is seeking to correct the record and is seeking damages for defamation.  And since Octapharma does not seem to care what he has been through as a result of their error, now, our client wants them to be taught a lesson so they will not do this again.  After airing the spot on Channel 8, our client told us he was contacted by a number of people he didn’t even know, who told him Kizzia Johnson PLLC had been dubbed ‘the gay friendly law firm‘ in the LGBT community – a designation we are proud of.   See Link to Channel 8 Story

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